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 where the excellent quality treatments are offered as compared to other clinics.One of the best solutions to replace the missing tooth is the dental implant which provides natural looking & normal functioning teeth and also is long lasting. However, before going for the treatment a patient must consider a number of factors such as the experienced dentists, well known dental clinic and the cost of the dental implant since it varies from clinic to clinic. At Matrix Dental and Skin Care Lounge, you can get an affordable full mouth implant treatment in delhi

The dental implants costs at the Matrix Dental and Skin Care Lounge considers the most astounding standard of dental abilities and nature of primary qualities, using top of the line materials from the respectable dental labs. Matrix Dental and Skin Care Lounge attempts to deliver the right stability of the treatment for the patients in accomplishing a magnificent quality treatment and administration at reasonable and sensible costs with no covered up and overhead expenses for the treatment. Here the aim is to provide the highest quality treatment at the lowest cost of implants in New Delhi.

Matrix Dental and Skin Care Lounge offers different types of dental implants for the different type of teeth condition and intensity. The cost of All on four dental implants Nobel Biocare full mouth is Rs.5, 00,000 including immediate teeth and final prosthesis after 3 months. Best brand (Sweden) Nobel Biocare with straight abutment costs Rs.35,000 per Implant, Best brand (Sweden) Nobel Active ( Recent technology) costs Rs.55,000/- per Implant, Best brand (Sweden) Nobel Groovy ( Recent technology) costs Rs.45,000/- per Implant while other implant systems costs Rs.25,000/- per Implant. These affordable dental implants are the perfect solution for your missing teeth and can change your life in every way.
They also provide the best root canal treatment in new delhi at affordable cost, Ms.Poonam nagpal who is one of the finest root canal specialist provides some of the finest painless root canal treatment  at affordable price,

Matrix dental also supports dental tourism and  have a best team of dentist near delhi airport who are serving people coming for dental tourism.

We also have one of the best team of dentist in vasant kunj visit our website and get free online consultancy from our experts at affordable price.

Dental Implants By Dr. Sourabh Nagpal Make You Get Your Confidence Back


  1. I really enjoyed reading post, big fan. Keep up the work andplease tell me when can you publish more articles or where can I read more on the subject?
    wisdom tooth extraction

    1. Thanks!!
      We are updating our post day by day you can find it from our blog which is
      Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge - Best Dentists in South Delhi/
      Here you can read some more blog posts related to the same topics.

  2. Thanks for posting this informative things to people. This is really helpful for readers
    Best Dentist in South Delhi
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