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Matrix Dental Clinic is one the highly recommended and valued dental clinics for cosmetic smile designing in South Delhi. The doctors and staff of the clinic are pioneered in the field of cosmetic dentistry which is a smile outline procedure which improves the smile of their patients by utilizing the most recent dental innovation and most astounding quality materials.
Cosmetic dentistry can help you enhance your smile by making your teeth more white, reshaping teeth that don't coordinate the others, shutting holes between teeth, filling pits with tooth-shaded materials, repairing chips and unpleasant spots with fillings that match and notwithstanding covering broken teeth with porcelain crowns. Indeed, even individuals with great dental cleanliness and basically stable teeth can be disappointed with specific components of their smile and grin. Staining, deformed teeth, and minor orthodontic issues can influence a person's appearance and self-assurance.
Individuals who are unsur…


Cavity Filling
If you are one of those who ever had a chipped, turned into a boil or broken tooth, you know how troublesome it can be. It's hard to eat, it's occasionally agonizing and you can't quit investigating the influenced range with your tongue. Without a complete arrangement of completely working teeth, there's very little to grin about. So there comes the Cavity filling to the rescue. Fillings re-establish teeth harmed by rot back to their typical capacity, and can avoid further rot. Your dental specialist will consider various variables while picking which kind of filling material is best for you. These components incorporate the degree of the repair, where in your mouth the filling is required and the expense.
Matrix Dental Clinic is one of the leading dental clinics in South Delhi which provides the best cavity fillings in SouthDelhi. Cavity fillings is a standout amongst the most broadly perceived strategy which helps in helping the wear and tear of teeth a…


Dr. Ruben Bhasin, Certified Dermatologist, Cosmetologist and Laser Surgeon

Dr Ruben's accreditation and experience solidified with her excitement for the field of dermatology allows her to get in touch with her goal of preparing her clients so they may accomplish their own skin destinations with the best of comfort and effortlessness. To experience the benefits of working with a champion among the most experienced dermatologist and Cosmetologist in the South Delhi, we invite you for the discussion with Dr Ruben Arora to get all your skin related issues sorted!

She is a specialist in executing methods and procedures which incorporate skin break out/pimples medicines, scar treatment, dermabrasion, hostile to - maturing, Botox infusions, fillers, laser hair evacuation and all the of all shapes and sizes skin related issues. She has idealized the craft of utilizing Botox, Juvederm, and Voluma among different injectables to restore, improve and treat the entire face including - facial …


Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge
In spite of the fact that each one of us dreams of having beautiful and healthy teeth without any defects, very few of us are sufficiently fortunate to really have that impeccable smile and grin. One extremely basic dental issue most of us have to go through is to have those gap between our teeth, alluded to as "diastemas" in the dental field. Sadly, those crevices are more often between our front teeth and not all that simple to cover up as well as it poses the speech problem. Be that as it may, on account of the specific preparing of dentistry surgeons, there is no more any problem for you to endure with the humiliating dental issue of crevices and gaps between your teeth.
With the advancement in technologies and medications, there are a few medications accessible in the dentistry world that can dispense with the gap between your teeth and help you to get back that everlasting smile once more that you have always dreamt of. Hence if you are on…


Since ages, one of the best things that have pulled in individuals to each other is a brilliant grin. As it were, a smile is one of those factors which discuss your identity, claim and certainty levels which take you far in life and profession. The generation we live in all about beauty and charm, No big surprise, the smile on the face complements to one's charms and excellence, however, it has a more imperative part of enhancing one's mental self-view. It is appropriately said that the smile is a bend that sets everything straight. Everyone will agree to this, won’t you! Matrix Dental Clinic is one the highly recommended and valued dental clinics for cosmetic smile designing in South Delhi. The doctors and staff of the clinic are pioneered in the field of cosmetic dentistry which is a smile outline procedure which improves the smile of their patients by utilizing the most recent dental innovation and most astounding quality materials. Dr. Sourabh Nagpal And Dr. Poonam Nagpal


A root canal is a treatment to repair and spare a seriously harmed or tainted tooth. The methodology includes evacuating the harmed zone of the tooth (the mash), cleaning and sanitizing it and after that filling and fixing it. The normal causes influencing the mash are a broken tooth, a profound pit, rehashed dental treatment to the tooth or injury. The expression "root canal" originates from cleaning of the trenches inside the tooth's root. Numerous individuals stress that a root canal treatment will be difficult and painful, something that was valid previously. Today, with cutting edge anesthesia choices and surgical procedures - a root canal is as agreeable as getting a filling. A contaminated tooth is typically what causes tooth torment, and a root canal is an answer for this issue. Indeed, contaminated tooth mash can bring about a tooth sore and can decimate the bone encompassing the tooth.A treated and re-established tooth can endure forever with legitimate consid…

Root Canal Specilist in Vasant Kunj South Delhi

Root canal treatment in South Delhi:
Root canal treatment is the evacuation of the tooth's mash, a little, string-like tissue in the focal point of the tooth. Once the decayed and damaged mash is evacuated, the remaining space is rinsed, shaped and filled. This methodology seals off the root canal treatment.
Root canal treatment  is a process that is carried out on a tooth when the nerve gets harmed, decayed or finished. The specialist can likewise perform this strategy on a broken tooth in order to clear  with the goal that it clears up any conceivable contamination and appropriately develop the tooth structure. At the point when depressions of breaks structure on a tooth, they let microscopic bacteria enter the assembly of the tooth that is loaded with veins and nerves. Both these inside the tooth are known as the mash or pulp and once it gets contaminated, it gets necessary to dispose of the killed mash for sparing the tooth. The individual having this contamination or sore of th…

Best Dentist in South Delhi- Top Dental Clinic in Delhi

Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge is one of the best dental clinics in south Delhi which is quite modernized and affable dental clinic and is committed to provide perfection in every facet of dentistry. Delhi Dental offers expanded range of dental services at affordable prices and honest treatment. Every treatment is individually studied and accessed for every individual patient.

Our mission is to provide professionaland quality treatment , topmost standards of dental enrichment , positive experience and maintain a long term relationship with our patients. Delhi Dentalhas highly capable and hard working team of dentists and specialists who aim to deliver the best services and resultsand are also counted among the best dentists in South Delhi. Dentists of Delhi Dental that are among the best dentist in Vasant Kunj Delhi provides professional and specialized dental services including root canal treatment, teeth whitening, orthodontics, dental implants, cosm…