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Root Canal To Protect Your Teeth

Every year millions of teeth are saved through Root Canal Treatments. Those days are gone when there was no other way to save a highly infected and damaged tooth, medical science has become strong enough to make sure that you are not losing any teeth until and unless they are highly contaminated to affect other healthy tooth. Root Canal Treatment is an advanced orthodontic treatment which is used to treat the worst dental issues and give relief to patients from severe pain caused due to various reasons. Within our tooth, under the “white enamel” and a hard layer called “dentin”, there is a very soft tissue known as “pulp”. This pulp chamber is filled with connective tissues, blood vessels as well as nerves supplements, which becomes the source of development for the root of the tooth. There can be many reasons for tooth ache like infection, grinding teeth, tooth trauma, or it can be due to a boil beneath gums of teeth. Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge is the top-notch dental clinic which offers the best root canal treatments in South Delhi with the latest endodontic equipment and tools.

Why do you need root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is done when the pulp of the tooth gets inflamed or infected due to any injury, broken tooth or due to deep dental decay. If this pulp infection is not treated on time, it can lead to ulcer/boil causing severe and unbearable pain. This orthodontic treatment is a multi-step process, which involves removal of infected pulp from the tooth and decontaminating it. Unbearable tooth ache is the most common symptom indicating the need of root canal treatment, sometimes it may follow with severe head ache also. As soon as your dental expert identifies any infected tooth, he/she might perform few tests including X-Rays to confirm the need of root canal treatment. So if you are also facing tooth ache, heat sensation or any kind of dental problems, Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge can be your savior. As a dental expert we can easily distinguish infected tooth which are in need of root canal treatment and are capable enough to treat them, giving relief to patients by easily extracting contaminated pulps through safe procedure of root canal treatment in south delhi. Matrix Dental and Skin lounge is very easy to reach if you are located nearby Vasant Kunj, IIT Delhi, R.K Puram, Munirka and JNU.

 How it is done?                                                          

Root canal treatment is considered as one of the most effective way to repair and save a highly infected tooth.we have root canal specialist in Delhi which take care of the patients in the best way. This may require few visits to dentist as it is a multistep process. Before starting this treatment, your dentist will examine X-Ray reports to spot the exact location of decay. First and foremost step of root canal treatment is to give local anesthesia near the infected tooth and to make an opening near rear part of the infected tooth. The contaminated pulp is extracted through this opening followed by cleaning the root canal and pulp chamber to avoid any further infections. Next step after cleaning is filling, which is nothing but filling the roots that have been opened in order to remove the pulp with tiny cone-shaped pieces of gutta-percha (a firm rubber-like material) and sealed it off. Then lastly, crown is positioned around the tooth to give it a proper look and structure. Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge has made the cost of Root Canal Treatment in New Delhi affordable like never before because we understand the value of a healthy tooth for a healthy body. 

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