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Dental Implants in South Delhi | Dentist in Delhi

Dental Implants are a great option for people who have missing teeth or wear dentures. Dental Implants help you to reduce any discomfort you may be facing while eating your favorite food, etc. It helps to improve the appearance of your face and boosts your confidence level.

Dental implants are placed to support one or more false teeth. Dental implants are made by placing a titanium screw into your jaw which holds the dental implant in place. They work exactly like your original teeth and will last you longer then dentures, which also depends on how much you care for your implants.

There are various types of dental implants available and you can choose the same according to your budget and liking. You can contact your dentists to know how long a dental implant procedure will last, but today if you want a quick treatment then you can opt for immediate loading dental implants which are placed using the latest technologies and in much lesser time than the normal dental implants. If you s…
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Root Canal Treatment, a Tooth Saving Technique

We usually don’t bother the Dentist unless and until the pain or the toothache that we go through becomes unbearable. Sometimes a tiny toothache can turn into a major pain in our jaw, then we realize it’s time to visit the Dentist. The Dentist does a whole checkup of our entire teeth and suggests going for an RCT (Root Canal Treatment). Root canal treatment is basically needed when your tooth is entirely damaged or needs to fixed because of cavities or some other reason. In order to save the life of your tooth, the dentist decides to go for the Root Canal Treatment.

What exactly is a Root Canal Treatment? We need a Root Canal treatment when the soft tissue inside our teeth which contains blood vessels becomes inflamed or diseased due to lack of oral hygiene or cavities. Let’s us also look at all the symptoms when you need a root canal.

*Bad breath
*Pain in the jaw
*You feel sensitivity while having cold or hot eatables These are the few symptoms which indicate that it’s time to v…

Get Best Dentist in South Delhi | Dental Clinic in South Delhi

Unlike our heart, brain, eyes and liver, teeth are also a vital part of our lives. You cannot ignore your teeth’s and live a healthy life. For a healthy and fit lifestyle, we all need to have healthy teeth’s also. Have you ever wondered how many of us take the health of our teeth’s seriously? We only visit our dentist whenever we face a problem, otherwise we never care or think about the health of our teeth at all. From a child to an adult. Regular dental checkup and brushing is one of the most crucial part that one shouldn't mist. We all must take the health of our teeth’s seriously. To ensure healthy teeth’s, we should go for regular dental check-preregular dental visits are important because they help to keep your gums and teeth healthy. The Dentist goes through the overall health of the troubled areas.

One should go for a regular dental visit every six months. The checkup includes a careful examination of your tongue, throat, face, head and neck. Once your examination and cle…

Get Best Dentist in South Delhi And Best Dental Clinic in South Delhi

A Beautiful Face is incomplete without a beautiful smile and a beautiful smile comes with healthy teeth. A Good dental care comes from regularly brushing and flossing your .The common ailments that require dental care are bad breath, caries and gingivitis .For the better care and treatment of your teeth, you can visit your nearest Dental care clinics depending on the area where you live like if you are staying in South Delhi you can visit the best dentist in South Delhi or the best Dental clinic in South Delhi. A lot of people also feel that what does the health of your mouth have to do with your overall health?
We will tell you why? Your mouth is a window into what's going on in the rest of your body. A look inside or a swab of saliva can tell your doctor volumes about what's going on inside your body. Though your saliva helps protect you against some invaders, it can't always do the job. More than 500 species of bacteria thrive in your mouth at any given time. These bac…

Top Dentist in Delhi | Best Dentist in Delhi

To keep up the teeth healthy and the smile shining bright, visit to a dental specialist is essential who evaluate our general dental well being and looks for any disease and decay in the mouth. But to find out the best dentist among several dental specialists in a single town can be tough. If you live in Delhi and are searching for the best dentist in Delhi, Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge could be your definitive one stop dental centre where a spectrum of dental services are offered through the exceptionally expert and experienced group of dental professionals. From the cosmetic dentistry to the complete smile makeover, the complete range of dental treatments is accessible at Matrix Dental and Skin Lounge at a reasonable expense.

Dr Sourabh Nagpal is one of the trusted dentists in Delhi with a wide qualification and experience in the dentistry community as he is known for his honesty with the patients and imparts the best and suitable treatment to the patient after discussing the comple…

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Delhi - Matrix Dental Clinic

Mr Mudassir Kakroo(Patient) sharing their experience